are memory foam dog mattresses worth the price

Memory foam mattresses for humans are the current rage in mattresses. Now there are memory foam mattresses for dogs as well. They are not inexpensive and there are some things that you should consider before you make the investment.
How old is your dog? Puppies chew and some older dogs still chew as well. Shoes, clothes, homework papers and other objects around the home are often found in shreds when you get home from your work or shopping trip. Munching on a memory foam mattress is another story. It can be very expensive to replace.
If your dog is hot totally house trained, you may not want memory foam. Foam rubber is very absorbent and can become very malodorous if house training has not been completed. You may have to choose alternative beds until there are no more accidents.
Large dogs often have joint problems. Arthritis and other joint problems are prominent in larger breeds, especially as they get older. A memory foam dog bed is well worth the price if your best friend falls into that category. It will provide comfortable sleep and allow your dog to get up in the mornings with significantly less pain.
The majority of the memory foam mattresses are elevated. That will allow your dog to get in and out of the bed with less difficulty. They are also beneficial for dogs recovering from surgery.
With the memory foam mattress the weight of the dog is distributed very evenly. The foam molds to the shape of the dog providing the desired support that is comforting for both dogs and their owners. As your dog ages, they go back to the sleeping
Memory foam mattresses are not easy to clean. Once the smell is in them, it is generally there to stay. The addition of a cover may help, but you should consult with the manufacturer’s instructions before trying to clean the bed. Most of the mattresses do come with a cover that is washable.
Active dogs are more likely to have muscle and joint pain than those who lie around on laps. These beds are ideal in this situation. They can have their busy day of run, work and play and come home to a comfortable night’s sleep in their memory foam bed.